My little milkaterian is 28 lbs…apparently I make nutritious fatty milk and that could be why my 13 month old finds no need for food? Great he is going to be 7 and carrying a thermos of my milk around. -_-

My banana nut bread that I just pulled out of the oven :)


American Beauty, 1999

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New Impossibly Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food by Kasan Kale


Mama’s pretty little boy.

I suppose I’m on edge today.

Just got done bringing Isaac and groceries in after some intense defensive driving to and from store. Not even through the door and settled when phone rings. Isaac in arms and a million other things. Finally find the phone in a huff and answer. A woman replies asking for kyle. I reply with “well I’m his wife” not realizing the hot lava hissing tone I had just presented. Poor woman just wanted to set up an interview for a new job and she happened to call the exasperated headache plagued wife. Hopefully I didn’t ruin kyles chances for a job D: I really want him to get it cause its Michaels :3 not hinting that I want discount crafts or anything ;)