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Wondering why my whole wardrobe isn’t just made up of overalls. I bought a pair and now I may have a problem of taking them off long enough to wash them.

Isaac feels like nursing is the only way to sleep the past couple nights. If I try to get comfortable, he wakes up shouts at me and throws a fit.


Cat logic is very much like human logic…

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This may be an exaggeration, but today has been awful.

Slept like crap, Isaac has been a brat all day, I tried on the outfit that I have been fawning over for a month and realize the woman I imagined in it was defiantly not me. Luckily I didn’t purchase before trying on. Isaac is still cranky, house smells like salmon because of a dumb stray cat that I felt soft hearted for and now it keeps showing up at my door and disappearing.

I hate when I’m so hungry that I dig into left overs then in the middle of my feast I notice the chicken has a strange texture..and then

I’m done, appetite vanishes.

Stray cat accompanied Isaac and I on a walk today. Isaac was so thrilled that I wanted to let him watch the kitty eat.

Well I got the can of salmon out opened it and lured Mr. Kitty in to chow down. The ass of a cat wouldn’t eat in front of us and would come back and forth for a mouth full and run back into the woods. Now my whole house smells like fish because I spilled some fishy juice somewhere >:(.